JJJ-Automaatio LTD is a Finnish company which is specialized in the automation technology education sector. We have got experience in the field for over 20 years. We manufacture educational equipment platforms based on installation- and control technology automation.

Our educational platforms apply to pneumatics, hydraulics, sensor technology, CNC-technology, stepper- and servo motors used in robotics and the installation of all of the above with tools and processes utilized in real-life industry.

We have compiled exercises into an educational program which begins at the fundamentals of automation and advances up to diverse control systems used in modern industry and their channel technology. We have drawn our attention especially on the structure of our exercise equipment and execution, so that they apply to current professional skill standards in the industry, as well as thesis’ and vocational examination showings required by education. The exercises included in our education platforms are performance orientated and are meant for training in assembly and use duties in the automation technology field. Our products come with a Finnish textbook and written exercises. All of the components utilized in our exercise equipment are industrial components.

Our equipment has been developed in association with experts in the industry and education field. With each education platform, which is formed as an independent system, we have taken in consideration the pedagogic viewpoints that relate to studying so that by combining education platforms the student gets a clear picture of control technology in automation.

Education programs in different sectors of automation are also a part of our range of offerings.

Hardware we offer:

1. 3J-KVT/KNX; KNX Building Systems Technologymittari

2. 3J-IOT; Air regulation technology education platform (pneumatics)

3. 3J-SMO; Electromechanic control technology education platform (relay technology)

4. 3J-SLK; Electronic approximation sensor education platform (on/off -sensors)

5. 3J-TSM; DC-motor application education platform (relay technology + pneumatics)

6. 3J-VSM; AC-motor application education platform (relay technology)

7. 3J-AMK; Stepper motor application education platform (PC-controlled)

8. 3J-OLK; Programmable logic controller education platform (Siemens S7-300 control)

9. 3J-ANT; Motion sensor education platform (measurable analog and digital output sensors)

10. 3J-LAI; PLC controlled conveyor/portal education platform (Siemens S7-300 control)

11. 3J-SMK; Servo motor application education platform (GE-Fanuc control)

12. 3J-TVT; Industrial bus technology education platform (four hardware variations)

-AS-i-bus/DC-motor + Pneumatics
-Profibus DP + AS-i bus/AC-
-Profibus DP + AS-i bus/DC operating

Other hardware and systems are negotiable.

Contact us! Let’s design a hardware solution that’s perfect for you!