Exercises for a pneumatic system’s control, utilization and assembly work using components and attachment methods of the industry.


With the industrial bus technology educational platform, exercises are performed to train the installation and operation of industrial bus technologies used in decentralized control systems in modern automation. The equipment consists of a control module, which controls actuator modules with a field bus (AS-I or Profibus /AS-i).


With the KNX Building Systems Technology –educational platform the student will be trained to perform installations and operations with bus-controlled electrical- and measuring-/regulation networks which are growing in modern real estate. The equipment consists of a group hub module which controls consumption and operational subjects via a KNX-bus which is controlled by signals received from sensors, thermostats and switches. (Same principle as other devices.)


Stepper motor application education platform (PC-controlled)

Equipment contains a cog belt conveyor which is operated by a DC-motor. Conveyor operations are executed by a pneumatic portal with a vacuum grabber. Equipment serves as a great tool for handling objects with logic control.

Equipment contains a logic controlled mechanical instrument board, with either a belt conveyor or screw mechanics and two cylinders.

Training equipment will help the student get familiar with tasks related to servo motor operator installments, coupling and operation found in modern CNC- and robotics operators.


Exercises for relay control assembly and utilization readiness occurring in automation performed by electromechanical control technology training equipment. Training is carried out by pneumatics (cylinders) and electrical components on the basis of automation schematics.

Exercises for coupling DC-phase and one-phase motors used in modern automation applications by using contactor technology.

We have developed a platform for training induction motor technology with relay technology.


Exercises for most common analogic and digital motion sensor installation, adjustment and troubleshooting used in modern automation equipment for implementation and supervision. Exercise structures are developed to meet the professional skill requirements of the industry.

With the electronic proximity sensor educational platform the student will learn the basics of commonly occurring installation and maintenance tasks of automation control technology. The educational platform also focuses on exploring sensor values related to proximity sensors. Exercises are developed so that the student meets the level of preparedness required in real life installation tasks.

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