We have developed a platform for training induction motor technology with relay technology.

AC-motor utilization educational platform includes:

  1. Two electric motors;
    1. One-speed short circuit motor (three stage 400 / 690 VAC) with own coil-degradation gear
    2. Two-speed short circuit motor (three stage 400 VAC) with own coil-degradation gear
  2. As mechanics (with own installation platform) cog belt conveyor with optic proximity sensors
  3. Separate relay installation cabinet (400*600) with; pre-installed assembly rail and wiring channel, adjustable stems, and complete set of terminal block accessories (for separate sensor-, control- and main power groups)
  4. Relay cabinet’s components
    1. Contactors, 5 pcs with extensions
    2. Relays, 3 pcs (one time relay)
    3. Motor protector switches, 2 pcs
    4. Temperature relays, 2 pcs
    5. One-phase and three-phase automatic fuses
  5. Control case with usage switches (6 pcs), multi-pin cables and cable accessories for couplings
  6. Exersice book containing 21 exercises with electrical schematics (all common three-phase short circuit motor couplings)