Exercises for coupling DC-phase and one-phase motors used in modern automation applications by using contactor technology.


After completing the exercises the student:

  • Is able to install industrial DC-phase and one-phase motor couplings to different targets
  • Knows how to utilize motors as part of an extensive automation system
  • Masters different applications of the structure of the utilization of motor types listed above


Training equipment includes:

  • Exercise platform which contains; a conveyor with proximity switches, electric motor (24 VDC) with degradation gear, and an electronically pre-controlled pneumatic actuator
  • Separate control center (relay cabinet) with adjustable stems, control relays (one time relay), motor contactors, safeguard switches and terminal block groups
  • Operation unit (control case 5 slots) with control equipment

Training equipment consists of industrial components.

Educational material:

Performance oriented exercises with solutions, which include:

  • Text-/ exersice book, which contains a theory portion and 12 exercises, as well as complete installation drawings
    • Actuator’s installation drawings
    • Sensor circuits’ circuit diagrams
    • Control circuits’ circuit diagrams
    • Main circuit’s circuit diagrams
    • Circuitry diagrams