Exercises for relay control assembly and utilization readiness occurring in automation performed by electromechanical control technology training equipment. Training is carried out by pneumatics (cylinders) and electrical components on the basis of automation schematics.

After completing the exercises the student:

  • Is able to understand automation schematics used in the industry
  • Can solve problems related to relay control systems
  • Is able to perform assembly tasks on relay control systems with industrial components
  • Masters troubleshooting of problems in the system and can repair what is causing them

Education platform contains:

  • Work equipment; cylinders and electric valves (24 VDC)
  • Sensors; inductive, magnetic, optic, mechanic and proximity and pressure switches
  • Relay cabinet; separate relays with adjustable stems (6 pcs), multifunctional (10 different functions) time relay, main switch with indicator light and a versatile collection of terminal blocks and their accessories
  • Usage panel; with versatile use-switches and indicator equipment
  • 20 performance orientated exercises and required components with assembly and terminal block accessories

Educational material:

  1. Solution book
  • Which contains a theory portion of relay control in automation technology and exercises with their solutions
  • Problems are represented in sequence diagrams, which include sensors and components of the usage panel
  • Complete assembly drawings which separately include:
    • Actuator’s assembly drawings
    • Sensor circuit wiring diagrams
    • Control circuit wiring diagrams
    • Main circuit wiring diagrams
    • Circuitry diagrams


  1. Student’s workbook
  • contains a theory portion and exercises, which include partly completed electrical drawings (for completion)