Training equipment will help the student get familiar with tasks related to servo motor operator installments, coupling and operation found in modern CNC- and robotics operators.


After completing the exercises the student:

  • Knows how to seek information about the structure of a servo motor operator and its control method
  • Is able to independently, with the help of schematics, assemble (by installing, wiring, coupling and adjusting (PID-adjuster)) a working one-axis servo motor operator into a system along with proximity switches and sensors
  • Is able to draft application-specific operation programs with a PC-based programming device for controlling a servo motor operator with a control system
  • Is familiar with finding possible malfunctions and removing them


Training equipment includes:

  • Control unit
  • GE-Fanuc control system with PC-applications (for one motion axis; can be expanded if needed)
  • Servo amplifying unit
  • Servo motor with sensors
  • Operation/display unit (PC-programmable)
  • Required installation-, wiring and coupling accessories
  • Ball screw/linear conductor –motion equipment with necessary proximity sensors
  • Pneumatic, non-linear artificial load (optional)

Training equipment consists of industrial components.

Educational material:

  • Textbook and exersice book with solutions
  • User manuals for devices
  • Technical information