Equipment contains a logic controlled mechanical instrument board, with either a belt conveyor or screw mechanics and two cylinders.

Programmable logic controller is installed to its own platform in a control cabinet, from where binary inputs (16 pcs) and binary outputs (16 pcs) are wired to terminal blocks. One of the two input bytes contains terminal blocks.

Operation and monitor panels (2 pcs) are on a control platform and they contain versatile components.

Controllable mechanics are installed on their own installation platform which contains a 0-30 V DC-motor with a degradation gear. Four proximity sensors are used for identification. In addition, mechanics include two pneumatic cylinders with four magnetic sensors.

Cylinder control is performed by a group valve with 5/2 mono- and bi-stable valves, wiring through a 25-pin D-coupling.

The equipment is designed for fluency with the PLC’s programming (programming commands; AND, OR, R/S, Timers, Counters, Comparators) and it’s wiring.

Programmable logic equipment part list:

  1. Siemens CPU 300 with S7 control, PC-CPU cable
  2. Control panels with operating switches and monitoring equipment
  3. Operational mechanics (conveyor + cylinders)
  4. 4 pcs optical or inductive (2 pcs proximity sensors; NO and 2 cps NC) 4 pcs magnetic (NO-type)
  5. group valve and 25-pin D-coupling cable
  6. Contactors (2 pcs) and temperature relays (2pcs)
  7. Simulation unit for demonstrating inputs / outputs, with 16 pcs switches
  8. Finnish textbook and workbook