Equipment contains a cog belt conveyor which is operated by a DC-motor. Conveyor operations are executed by a pneumatic portal with a vacuum grabber.

Equipment serves as a great tool for handling objects with logic control.

Logic controlled conveyor/portal equipment part list:

  1. Siemens AG 300 with S7 control
  2. Cog belt conveyor with DC-motor operation and optical sensors
  3. Sorting unit for different material objects with its own operating equipment
  4. Pneumatic two-axis portal with a vacuum grabber, a four-valve group valve and magnetic sensors (5 pcs)
  5. Operating panel with operating switches
  6. Binary inputs (16 pcs) and binary outputs (16 pcs) which are wired to terminal blocks
  7. Cables for data transfer (PC-CPU, AG -> group valve)
  8. Components are pre-assembled, control and mechanics on their own separate installation platforms

Educational material:

  • Textbook and exersice book with solutions
  • User manuals for devices
  • Technical information