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With the KNX THE WORLDWIDE STANDARD FOR HOME AND BUILDING CONTROL –educational platform the student will be trained to perform installations and operations with bus-controlled electrical- and measuring-/regulation networks which are growing in modern real estate. The equipment consists of a group hub module which controls consumption and operational subjects via a KNX-bus which is controlled by signals received from sensors, thermostats and switches.

After completing the exercises the student:

  • Can outline the structure of an electrical, heating and automation system which has been implemented by a KNX-bus
  • Identifies different types of bus components and masters related concepts
  • Masters the coupling of signals related to KNX-bus data transfer to different bus components with the help of manufacturer’s datasheets
  • Knows how to build a KNX-bus application into a working system by utilizing the learning material and electrical schematics included in the educational platform, as well as manufacturer’s datasheets and web pages
  • Installation-, wiring- and programming tasks of the devices are performed with industrial tools and methods

Training equipment consists of industrial components.

Educational material:

Textbook and exercise book

User manuals for devices

Technical information